Sony BRAVIA XBR 2008 roadmap leaked

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Paul Miller
April 14, 2008 11:47 AM
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Sony BRAVIA XBR 2008 roadmap leaked

Good news for the pixel-starved: Boy Genius got a hold of a Sony's 2008 BRAVIA roadmap, which includes word of new XBR6, XBR7 and XBR8 LCD displays. We caught wind of the new XBR6 line at CES, along with the KDL-40Z4100 and the KDL-46Z4100, but apparently things are going to get much more interesting in August when the KDL-46XBR8 drops. New features include "Triluminos" RGB LED backlight, Advanced Contrast Enhancer PRO and BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO 1080p video processor. The XBR7 panels measure as large as 70-inches, and will launch in October, but sport features more in line with the XBR6. Everything is naturally 1080p and 120Hz.

Update: We just got ourselves sent a UK version of this roadmap. It's after the break.

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