Sony's PFR-V1 headset rated "very good" despite impracticability

It was a long time coming, but we finally have a full review of Sony's PFR-V1 "personal field speakers." C|net's intrepid review team took the headphones for a spin and unsurprisingly found them to be "expensive and impractical" and almost entirely lacking in bass. Goofy looks aside, they did move the music from inside your skull to in front of your face as promised. Of course, that little novelty comes with excessive sound leak to the annoyance of those around you. As such, the headphones are limited to at-home or closed-door office use unless you relish the scorn of others. C|net still rewards the $500 oddity with a generous 7 out of 10 (very good) rating despite a long list of qualifications.

Update: Be sure to check C|net's video review.

[Thanks, TI]