GuildCafe expands its horizons with GamerDNA

GuildCafe has been often called the Myspace or Facebook for MMO players, but not only is it much more than that, it's expanding even further. This summer, the mega-guild social site will be changing its focus onto a new venture (and company name) called GamerDNA. This new site will have much more than GuildCafe offers currently, and will cater to a larger audience of Xbox gamers, and eventually all platforms. This all stems from the fact that the site has recently received a $3 million Series A investment from Boston's Flybridge Capital Partners.

According to GamerDNA's founder and CEO Jon Radoff, "the idea behind GamerDNA is to provide a means of identity-a place where players can record all the stories around all of the cool stuff they've done, be it achievements, accomplishments, or experiences they've had." So in essence, it will help broaden the players experiences in-game, as well as help other players experience games they may not play yet on a much more personalized level. All of this done in a larger scope, reaching a wider audience than GuildCafe alone could do targeted at the MMORPG market alone.

[Thanks Sam!]