NextComputing's rugged Vigor Evo HD flextop has an LCD on its side

Under most circumstances, we too would take one glance at the monolith pictured above and scream in horror. But of course, we're entirely sure you're familiar with the wacky machines emerging from NextComputing. The ultra-tough Vigor Evo HD is hailed as the company's "highest performance rugged workstation," and besides offering up a floating chassis which absorbs all sorts of bumps and shocks, it also comes with a 17-inch LCD plastered right on the side. Said panel is covered with a hard-coated protective screen, and sitting just beneath that is your choice of AMD / Intel processors, up to four PCIe or PCI-X 64-bit slots, a dual-layer DVD writer, up to 3TB of internal HDD space and most everything else you'd find in a pre-fab desktop. Of course, it loses the vast majority of its intimidation factor when equipped with the optional wheels / telescoping handle package, but we won't tell anyone if you're not man / woman enough to lug it over your shoulder.