PS3 Laptop charity auction -- bid here!

It's time to pull out your pocketbooks because the charity auction you've been waiting for is going down right now. Up for grabs: the absurdly rare, one of a kind, hand-made PS3 Laptop, built by Ben Heckendorn for Engadget. 100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to National Cancer Coalition, most or all of which should be tax-deductible by the winner. And to sweeten the deal that much more, we'll even pay shipping, and have Ben Heck himself autograph the thing (if you want). The rules are below, read them carefully.

  • Real bids only people, this is for charity!

  • Let us repeat that: only leave a bid if you're prepared to pony up that amount of money. Especially because we might come a knocking if for some reason we can't get in touch with the top bidder.

  • Auction is over Friday, April 25th. We'll contact the winner by email.

  • Payment will go directly to National Cancer Coalition, and will be expected to be made within one day of the auction's close. We will confirm with the charity that the payment has been made.

  • A US winner will get free FedEx air shipping.

  • We will also ship internationally, but auction winner will likely have to pay customs.

  • Product is sold as-is, with no warranty by Ben Heck, Engadget, and certainly not by Sony.

Just in case you need a refresher, here are pics and video of what you're bidding on. Good luck -- and for those that don't win, please don't let that stop you from donating to the NCC or another charity of your choice!

Update: We're postponing the auction. A few people can't be mature enough to bid properly on something for charity; others believe we should be posting the auction to eBay (despite the fact that the last time we did a charity eBay auction we got scammed). We'll get back to you, thanks.

By popular request we posted it to eBay. If we get fake bids again, though, we're likely not to do anything like this again in the future -- so be good.