HTC spy shot reveals handful of new phones

Apparently, HTC is having a little trouble keeping people with cameras out of its offices, as evidenced by this totally great spy shot of a what appears to be a bunch of (or two) new phones. We're familiar with quite of few of these devices, like the TyTn II, Touch Cruise, and Touch you see in the upper row, but things get a little stickier down below. Save for that P3470 that's second from left, we have no clue what those slick looking square numbers are. The far left model and the far right might be the same device, but its hard to tell. It also looks like all the devices in this picture are using Windows Mobile, but we're holding out hope that maybe the model on the far right boots Android... and soon.

[Via IntoMobile]

Update: So we figure that one of the two on the right is likely the MDA compact IV for T-Mobile, although that still doesn't explain the generous QWERTY board depicted over there on the left. Can't you just feel the excitement building? Thanks, Marios!