Goodmans iPod boombox includes 7-inch LCD display

If you've somehow managed to hold off from buying an iPod sound system, you can probably afford to gloss right over this one, too. Still, those waiting for one with just a touch more extravagance will likely find lots to love about Goodmans' latest iteration. Aside from boasting a pair of speakers, 3-in-1 multicard reader, LED accents, iPod dock and a bundled remote, this unit also includes an integrated 7-inch LCD display for showing off stored clips, photos, etc. Interestingly, we're left to wonder what the exact resolution here is, but if it's not impressive enough to share, you can probably look forward to lackluster results. We won't stop you from taking a chance though -- it's your £89.99 ($178).

[Via ChipChick]