AMD triple-core Phenom X3 review roundup

For the indecisive among us who need a bit more than two but just can't wrap their wallets around four, AMD's out to show you exactly what three cores of computing magic can do. Make no mistake, we've been waiting quite some time for these buggers to ship, but they've finally made it into the capable hands of reviewers web-wide. The general consensus seems to be that the tri-core processors offer no real surprises: it performs better than a dual-core AMD CPU, yet worse than a quad-core AMD CPU. Needless to say, it tends to lag even further behind an Intel quad-core. Still, the Phenom X3 wouldn't be a terrible option if quad-core Intel chips were still as pricey as ever, but with it slashing prices a few weeks back, the X3 seems to lack the value AMD was hoping we'd see. Still, don't take our word for it -- there's lots and lots of words on the matter right down there.

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