Samsung intros the S2 'Pebble' and slim S3 portable media players

Samsung -- known for dropping a PMP or two on the public -- has introduced a couple of new media players sure to have you tearing up and snapping open piggy banks. First up is the S2 "Pebble" player which we saw a little while back, a tiny, rounded DAP with 1GB of storage on-board that can tune in your favorite FM stations (they still have those, right?) as well as play back MP3, WMA, and OGG files. The S2 comes in green, purple, red, and black / white, which should make it easy to match up with your outfit. The other new offering is the S3, a 4GB or 8GB full-function (yet slim) device which sports a 240 x 320 display, plays MP3, MPEG4, and WMA files, includes an FM tuner, flash games, and comes in green, red, blue, or black / white. Both models will be available in June, no word on price. Stay tuned for a thrilling hands-on experience with both new models.