Another Apple shareholder files backdating lawsuit

After the SEC more or lesscleared Apple of those pesky backdating charges and a California court dismissed a shareholder class-action lawsuit accusing the company of improper accounting procedures, it looked like the good times were over, but fear not: another institutional investor has filed suit against Apple alleging the company cooked the books. The Boston Retirement Board filed suit in the Santa Clara County Superior Court, saying that it has investigated the matter and turned up even more evidence, which it can't reveal until the court decides how to handle confidential information. All it will say is that it has proof that "all of Apple's directors were aware of and participated in the backdating scheme," which isn't really new news -- and we're wondering what new information could have turned up that the SEC didn't find in its lengthy, much-watched investigation. Still, it looks like this is the story that won't go away -- anyone ready for some more hot accounting nights?