Electric Motion Systems E+ electric bike: $3,495 for two wheels

Believe it or not, Electric Motion Systems' E+ actually isn't the priciest electric bicycle we've ever seen, but at $3,495 sans chauffeur, it's a far cry from being a bargain. Aside from boasting a relatively traditional frame, the unit gets powered by an EMS 1000-watt hub-mounted, brushless permanent magnet motor, which should provide 20 to 40 miles of fun on a single charge. Proving its intelligence, the E+ also supports regenerative braking, which enables the battery to get charged each time the rider slams the stoppers. You'll also find a handlebar-mounted LCD display which shows speed, distance traversed, battery level and whether or not cruise control is enabled. Yeah. Cruise control, son. Suddenly, $3,495 seems quite reasonable, no?

[Via AutoblogGreen]