Furukawa Electric shows off third-generation PS3 heatsink

Remember when you discovered that you could check out your Xbox 360's heatsink without voiding the warranty? Yeah, fun times. Now, we're getting a closer look at the third-generation PlayStation 3 heatsink -- and this time, you won't be required to perform any strange feats of inverted photography in order to take a peek. Furukawa Electric recently showed off the next-gen sink at Techno-Frontier 2008 in Japan, and aside from ditching the copper pipes used in the first two iterations, this one has also split in two in order to cool the Cell and RSX processors separately. Additionally, the latest version sucks down up to 70 fewer watts than the first-gen model, yet manages to still keep your precious console from spontaneously melting. Three cheers for progress, we say.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]