Blu-ray player sales sink as 2008 begins... except for Sony's PlayStation 3

One step forward, two steps back. Just days ago we found that Blu-ray sales as a whole were up over 300-percent year-over-year from Q1 2007, but new data from NPD has found that sales of BD players -- Sony's PlayStation 3 notwithstanding -- sunk a staggering 40-percent from January to February in the US. Furthermore, sales only grew 2-percent from February to March. Of course, these figures tie in nicely with ABI Research's take that Blu-ray wouldn't "dominate" the market until players broke the magical $200 price point (and included Profile 2.0), and it also makes sense that the PS3 would lead the sector until 2013 if things continue at this rate. According to NPD's Ross Rubin, an "overwhelming majority [of surveyed consumers] said they weren't investing in a new next-generation player because their old DVD player worked well and next-gen players were too expensive." That pretty much sums it up, now doesn't it?

[Image courtesy of kev]