ZeeVee's ZvBox streams your PC to your HDTV over coax

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.01.08

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ZeeVee's ZvBox streams your PC to your HDTV over coax

Startup ZeeVee isn't out to flood the market with yet another ho hum media streamer, it's out to change the way you look at 'em. The June-bound ZvBox ($499) plugs into one's computer (VGA) and sends on-screen content to every TV in the house over existing coaxial cabling. Put simply, the unit enables users to view any kind of internet media right on their television with no subscription fees or wireless dropouts. Aside from bringing internet video over, users can also access any other computer application (web browser, built-in DVD player, etc.) right from their set. In order to handle said tasks, the box comes bundled with a wireless ZvRemote / Zviewer, but those comfortable with managing their own desktop won't be bothered with any fancy interfaces. Suffice to say, those looking to easily pipe their Media PC recordings to the family TV will certainly find reason to take notice. Head on the past the break for a few more details.


Put simply, the ZvBox ports your computer desktop to every HDTV in your house by creating its own channel (RF) that is picked up by the tuner packed within your set(s). Here's a few tidbits to clarify how the thing actually works:
  • PC's content piped through VGA, which is then sent through coaxial cabling to every TV in your home
  • VGA pass-through ensures your PC monitor continues to operate normally
  • Audio (including Dolby Digital 5.1) is inputted via USB
  • No equipment is needed at the TV end for reception; all signals are received from the TV's QAM-capable internal tuner
  • Users can opt to view their unadulterated desktop
  • Otherwise, the Zviewer lays out customizable launch icons to take you directly to Netflix, Hulu, ABC.com, YouTube, MOJO, KoldCast or any other destination you choose
  • Users have total control of their PC from their television; watching back PVR recordings, playing DVDs, viewing photos, etc. is all possible
  • ZvBox possesses no fan, thus there's no noise
  • ZvRemote controls volume / channels, has built-in touchpad for interfacing with PC
  • Optional ZvKeyboard coming this summer (no price disclosed)
  • Shipments will begin in June, consumers can pre-order exclusively from Amazon beforehand
Quite honestly, this looks like the device to bridge the gap between living room TVs and internet / OTA-accessible content. Rather than being locked into material available on a number of other STBs, the ZvBox is only limited by the amount of content accessible via the web, your computer's DVD player and your PC-based OTA TV tuner. Needless to say, that's an awful lot of media. We'll be getting our hands on one and giving you the rundown just as soon as we can.
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