Ask Engadget HD: Which ATSC tuner works best with 64-bit Vista?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.23.08

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Ask Engadget HD: Which ATSC tuner works best with 64-bit Vista?

Yeah, this question's been swirling for as long as a 64-bit flavor of Windows Vista has been around, but we couldn't help but pose it now that the world at large has had a chance to experiment a touch and hopefully provide Cody (and everyone else wondering the same) with a bit of advice.

"I'm looking for a TV tuner for a desktop PC that I'm planning on building, but I can't seem to find one without conflicting reviews. Which tuner works well with Vista x64 and can handle ATSC signals that will stand alone after February of 2009? I've noticed HDHomeRun, but I'd like to keep the cost down (below $100 or so) if possible, and I'm also hoping to find some sort of internal PCI / PCIe card -- though I won't argue with USB / external solutions."

With the plethora of options out there, we're sure some of you have found some real winners / losers. Don't hold back, open up and help Cody get his OTA HD on.

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