Zune to hit Canada in May with a smaller lineup?

Just hold on a little while longer, Canadian Zune-lovers -- it seems that your wait is almost over. A job listing just popped up on the Vancouver Craigslist, looking for a "Microsoft Zune Program Coordinator" who will "represent our client Microsoft on their launch of Zune in the Canadian marketplace." The job calls for applicants to be available between May 12 and June 20, so if it's legit -- and we hope it is, just because we prefer to believe no one is sad enough to fake this -- it looks like the Zune will finally roll into Canada in just a few weeks.

It might be in a slightly smaller posse, though: the crew over at ClicZune recently took a gander at Microsoft's Canadian Zune promo page and noticed that the Zune 30 and the green flash Zunes are conspicuously absent. (Also missing is the recently released red Zune 80, but that was announced after the pages in question were made.) It's hard to tell what this means -- do Canadians hate green things? Are the 30 and green on their way out in the US as well? -- but hopefully we'll get some answers in just a couple weeks.

[Via ClicZune, thx Penny]

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