Apple has a Wiimote-type Apple TV controller in the works? We wish.

For every Apple and Nintendo fanboy out there, there is another equally zealous person entertaining a hope against hope that if only these two companies could somehow join forces, the world would be free from war, disease and famine. Apple apparently saw it fit to entertain those fantasies, and has a patent from November 2006 with some interesting Wiimote-esque functionality for what we presume to be the Apple TV. In fact, the patented controller seems to be suspiciously similar to the Wii controller in function, with a similar accelerometer and positioning setup, and Apple clearly states the proposed controller's relation to gaming, in addition to other functions like zooming in on images. Unfortunately for the dreamers out there, Apple patents out-there stuff all the time that never sees the light of day, and we're sure Nintendo wouldn't be all friendly about Apple turning the Apple TV into a Wii-killer. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of unadulterated magnificence.

[Thanks, Mark]