Dell to replace all European Vostro 1310 and 1510 keyboards

We're not at all certain what led Dell to ship European Vostro 1310s and 1510s with, ah, revised QWERTY keyboards, but it looks like the company is making good on its promise to remedy the situation. According to Dell, all affected customers will be contacted and offered a replacement keyboard beginning today. Apparently the switch isn't too hard to make, so you'll be able to either do it yourself, or Dell will send out a tech to do it for you at no cost. Sounds like Dell's doing its best to make this right -- but c'mon, how did this not raise all kinds of red flags during the design process?

P.S.- If you're a touch-typist who's having major issues, you can also jump to the front of the pack by emailing Dell -- check out the read link for directions.

[Via Pocket-lint]