Another Wii knockoff arrives to give Vii some competition

The Vii (or Vii 2, for that matter) not really providing all the satisfaction you were craving when you first acquired it? Don't hang your head in shame, dear boy, there's another option for you yet! China Shenzhen Firstsing Company Limited, the same company who provided the totally unnecessary cooling fan for the actual Wii, has produced a 7-in-1 gaming console that -- from here, at least -- looks unbelievably similar to Nintendo's latest machine. Still, this rig provides mind-melting 16-bit graphics, sports games that are "similar to those on the Wii, but more cheaper," a wireless gamepad, a battery-powered designed (uh...) and a sweet gift box just in case you're showering someone with kindness pranking your cubicle-mate. We're not even going to touch the pricing issue, and trust us, neither should you.

[Via Zumo Blog, thanks Henrique]