LG's 47-inch Scarlet 47LG60 LCD HDTV gets reviewed

Now that LG's Scarlet secret is out, we can all move forward and focus on what really matters: picture quality. Shortly after being announced, CNET managed to get ahold of the 47-inch 47LG60 and give it the critical eye. In sum, reviewers thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive picture adjustments, accurate color (after calibration), effective 120Hz judder-removing technology and the non-reflective matte screen. Additionally, the unique design was certainly admired, and while you're likely thinking this one's a winner already, we'll caution you that it's not. Critics found the actual image quality to be subpar, and noted that it "couldn't produce nearly the same depth of black we've come to expect from high-end LCD and plasma HDTVs in this price range." Yet again, it seems we've a case of charging too much for style alone, but hacking a few hundies from the price tag could make this thing entirely more attractive.