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mControl adds two-way control of Vista Media Center and Extenders

We really love when our favorite gadgets come together and today Embedded Automation posted a new plug-in (beta) that allows mControl to have two-way control of Vista Media Center and its Extenders. mControl is Windows software that will link together all your connected devices like say your lights, security system, thermostats, IP WiFi cameras, all your HT gear -- via IR or RS-232 -- and now Vista Media Center. If your imagination hasn't already starting running wild think about this; someone rings your doorbell, Battlestar Galactica pauses and a message box pops up on your HDTV, so you click the remote and now your viewing your front door camera. Until recently you had to be Bill Gates to have this kind'a stuff at your house, but thanks to companies like mControl, it's a reality even if you're on a budget. Another picture after the jump.