All things Wrath of the Lich King

Over the past week, particularly in the last few days, the crisp Internet air has been abuzz with news from the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Fear you're out of the loop? Here's a quick round-up of all the information being released, along with analysis and opinion.

Don't forget to keep checking back, as this page will be updated as information becomes available:

Dungeons and raids

  1. An analysis on Arthas as a ten-manned event, including its impact on the 25-man raiding structure, as well an exploration of its consistency with the lore.

  2. Did you know that all expansion raids will have a 10-man setting, as well as a 25-man?

  3. Read through some of our initial impressions on the 10-man raiding set-up.

  4. We also wrote up a concise overview of the ins and outs of dungeons post-expansion, including a new token system, similar to [Badge of Justice].

  5. The Nexus has been announced on the official site as one of the new dungeons.

  6. The WoW Insider Show discusses 10-manning Arthas.

Zones, factions, and relevant lore

  1. Alex has written an excellent overview of the Grizzly Hills, a soon-to-be zone for low to mid-seventies. With old factions reappearing, along with other surprises, it's definitely something to look forward to!

  2. If news of the Dragonblight has intrigued you, you'll be pleased to know that more information has been made available.

  3. While we're brushing up on our lore and learning about new areas and factions, Alex thought it fitting to illuminate the lore behind Azjol-Nerub, as the Nerubians will have their own role in the expansion.

  4. Alex asks us about lore figures we'd like to see in the expansion.


The Death Knight

  1. New information has surfaced on the Death Knight class, as well as some clarifications on earlier statements and community guesswork.

  2. If you're looking for the extended version of the new Death Knight information, we wrote up a thorough post before the last round of clarifications.

  3. If summaries are not enough for you, feel free to comb through our Death Knight directory page, featuring everything we knew, thought we knew, guessed at, and know now.

  4. Death Knights and disease.

The impact of the Death Knight on tanking classes

  1. Hybrid Theory takes a look at some of the effects of the Death Knight on other tanks.

  2. Matthew Rossi discusses Wrath as a whole, and Death Knights, from a warrior's perspective.

Discussions and analysis

  1. WoW, Casually takes a look at the casual players' Wrath.

  2. It's time to look at your goals before the expansion hits.

  3. Once Wrath hits, the amani war bear mount will disappear forever. If this frightens you, check out our guide to getting your hands on one, and start planning now.

  4. We've been discussing the aspects of the expansion that people are looking forward to the most.

  5. If you could bring any character out of lore and into the expansion, which would you choose?

Key interviews and analysis

  1. Check out our take on Curse's interview with Tigole and Kalgan.

  2. We have the details on Gamespy's interview with J. Allen Brack.

  3. hit up a recent Blizzard event, and we have all the details.

  4. Gamespy also spoke with Jeff Kaplan about the new expansion, as well as their own hands-on with Wrath as it is so far.

  5. G4TV previews Wrath of the Lich King, and some interesting technical information is revealed.

  6. Massively analyzes the "news explosion" surrounding Wrath.

Bits of news, as it's revealed

  1. We'll get new forum icons! So I'm sharing.

  2. We're learning more about re-runing for Death Knights, mounted quests, and some of the factions.

  3. Wrath will apparently have mounts that can carry passengers, which will be usable even in the old world!

  4. Wrath will not be opening up more character slots, as some people had hoped.

Release date information

  1. Vivendi's earning statements hint at a general release date.

Patch notes

  1. Some patch notes from the alpha testing were leaked.

  2. Warrior talents and Death Knight talents were also leaked, but were pulled from the site at Blizzard's request.

Video footage

  1. Did you really think I'd end this post and leave you hanging without any eye candy? Check out actual videos of Wrath content.