Sprint affiliate gets litigious to block Clearwire WiMAX deal

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Sprint affiliate gets litigious to block Clearwire WiMAX deal
Sprint affiliate iPCS has butted heads with its parent company in the past, and it looks like it's causing a bit of a ruckus once again, this time over Sprint's deal with Clearwire to form a new WiMAX-focused company. As the AP reports, iPCS (which has 640,600 subscribers in seven states) thinks that new service would compete with it in the markets it operates in, and therefore violate the exclusivity agreement Sprint signed in 1999. To put a halt to that possibility, iPCS has filed suit in the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois to block the deal, adding that it "intends to fully and aggressively protect and defend its exclusivity rights." Not surprisingly, Sprint saw this one coming, and it asked a Delaware Chancery Court to rule last week that the Clearwire deal didn't violate its arrangement with iPCS, although there doesn't appear to be any further word on that front just yet.

[Via Phone Scoop]
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