First Intel Atom based MID gets priced -- $1131!?

Intel's been making a lot of noise about MIDs for a while now, but we're going to guarantee that the entire category flops if this first wave of pricing info is accurate. Australian importer Tegatech's got the Gigabyte M528 up for pre-order, and while we're intrigued by the 800MHz Atom processor, 512MB of RAM, and 8GB SSD, we're certainly not willing to pay AU$1199 ($1131) to satisfy our curiosity -- especially since the Linux build was so half-baked when we played with this thing at CeBIT. Of course, this isn't official pricing (and it's actually dropped from AU$1549 since we first saw the listing), but let's hope this is even more inaccurate than usual, eh?

[Via UMPC Portal]