Chilean MSI wind gets in-depth hands-on

If you needed evidence of the popularity of cheap ultraportables in foreign lands, the news leading up to the release of the MSI Wind should be a good indicator. Last month it was a Turkish video of the thing, now it's a detailed Chilean writeup of a pre-release model. We're relying on Google Translate to parse out the details here, but from what we can understand the article indicates the keyboard to be "sufficiently comfortable," the LED-backlit screen impressive, and the performance in XP to be quite good. This despite a glitch that left the Intel Atom processor gimped short of its 1600MHz maximum speed, which will surely (hopefully) rectified before the 10-inch model finds release here next month at $549 with XP and a 6-cell battery, or SuSE flavored (and smaller batteried) for just $399.