Working Worlds brings real jobs to Second Life

When the interviewer frowned at our resumes with raiding experience as a category, accepting the job may not have been a good idea. As each day goes by, smashing gnomes over the head, podding miners, or living a life of drunken combat all remain daydreams as we waste away in the cubicle. Luckily, there is hope! Gax Technologies of Second Life will be affording players a chance to find a real world job so that visiting the Stonefire Tavern for an ale might be a viable lunch break option.

The best part of job hunting through Gax Technologies' Working Worlds Career Fair is that you do not need to get up, put on a tie, and drive through traffic that rivals Jita on a good day. Just take a double shot of soda, grab your laptop, fire up Second Life, and start job searching! The employers will be logging in for the virtual career fair so that you can easily meet and greet some of the top employers from Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Check it out and be sure to find the perfect job that allows you to work hard and play harder.