ADB shows off tru2way STB to MSOs

Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) showed off the first fully certified tru2way STB at The Cable Show. While we're eager to get tru2way capabilities wrapped into our TVs, this is the next best thing. With a name like ADB-4820C, though, you know this device is aimed at multiple system operators (MSOs) only. The unit certainly looks friendly enough, though -- it's slim and designed to be mounted on the back of a TV and has a good-sized selection of outputs: RF, S-Video, composite and HDMI (with CEC) should make it suitable for deployment on just about every TV. Likewise, all the cable format bases are covered: MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC-1. Pricing and availability will depend, of course, on your cable provider; but it's available to them now.

[Via Asia Business News]

Read - ADB-4820C Press release [PDF]
Read - ADB-4820C Spec sheet [PDF]