3G iPhone screen shot faked, but don't worry, we think it's still coming

After some exhaustive research invested by one iSmashPhone, it seems like that now-infamous "Enable 3G" screen shot supposedly lifted from a recent iPhone firmware 2.0 beta was mocked up. The spirit of the shot mercifully lives on, though, seeing how the existence of the underlying preferences to support the enabling of 3G data has been independently verified in the code -- we just don't know exactly what form that preference is going to take in the user interface. Bottom line: fret not, there's still a 3G iPhone on the way, it's probably going to be here within mere weeks, and odds are you'll be able to control whether high speed is enabled, just like virtually every other 3G phone on the market. So if you're looking for a random reason to crack open a celebratory beer right now, well, there you have it. Drink responsibly.