$5,000 Dior phone: so upscale it doesn't require specs

Look, we're not Russian oil tycoons with a taste for trophy wives one-third our age. That's true. Nevertheless, no matter how hard we try, we just can't understand how spending $5,000 on these new Christian Dior phones will substantially increase our lot in life. Then again, we're afraid of robots. The new line of boutique phones manufactured in partnership with ModeLabs feature a touchscreen display, camera, and novel, mini-phone extender dubbed My Dior (pictured after the break). About the size of a USB key, My Dior is meant to clip onto the outside of your wo/man bag thus avoiding any frantic rummaging when the favorable divorce settlement call finally arrives. Sorry, that's about as detailed as the specification list gets... not that specs matter when couture is at stake.

[Via Textually]