CTL's mini IL1PC gets mini-reviewed

The folks over at Laptop Magazine have gotten their mitts on CTL's latest edition to the ever-growing field of ultraportables, the IL1PC (or as we like to call it, the Airis Kira 740), and have given it the once over. The system is built atop VIA's 1GHz C7-M CPU, has 1GB of RAM, a 60GB hard drive, and uses Windows XP as its OS. Obvious comparisons to ASUS's Eee abound, though Laptop was impressed with its slick design and small footprint, and felt that it excelled at simple tasks like web browsing and email. Things weren't so smooth when it came to video playback, as graphics-intensive duties led to choppy behavior. Head over to the full review to get all the ins and outs, as well as some handsome pics.