Whirlpool's centralpark system reels in iGo charging solution

Though Whirlpool managed to pick up a few new partners to make gizmos that played nice with its life-simplifying centralpark connection system back in January, there still aren't many options out there to make good use of it. Thankfully, the outfit has just lassoed in Mobility Electronics, which is all set to reveal its iGo charging station for centralpark refrigerators; the unit will enable users to juice up cellphones, DAPs, laptops and pretty much any other rechargeable gadget out there from the comfort of their own kitchen. The forthcoming device will obviously be compatible with every last iGo tip, theoretically allowing you to recharge "over 2,700 different gadgets with the simple switch of a tip." No word on pricing / availability, however.

[Via CNET, thanks Yossi]