Chinese manufacturers show off DIVA connector, request only green M&Ms

Move over HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort, here comes DIVA (Digital Interface for Audio and Video). Cooked up by the above group of Chinese manufacturers, they say this standard can improve on HDMI by enabling bi-directional data connections above and beyond HDMI-CEC protocols, creating easy DLNA connections between devices with a single cable. Forward channel video speeds of 13.6 Gbps provide plenty of room for 1080p and higher resolutions with Deep Color, plus the two-way connection at up to 2.25Gbps that can simultaneously handle multichannel audio, control or other data. With a working demo shown over a single 8 wire CAT6 cable, it's got specs that interest us, and with a growing AV market in China maybe these companies have enough pull to get wider support. Still, until someone produces a platinum cable measuring 3-feet long that costs $200 we won't be sure of its success.