LG Display showcases two-sided LCD panels

It's nice enough to be able to record two programs at once, but what if you could display The Hills on one side of your LCD while catching a playoff tilt on the other? Never mind the audio issue (there's always headphones!), but LG Display has introduced a prototype at SID 2008 that could potentially make the aforesaid scenario a reality. 2.2-inch (160 x 120) and 15-inch (2,048 x 1,536) versions were reportedly announced, both of which boast reflectivity of 20-percent. Put simply, the panels can display different images on the front and back sides of the glass substrate, and ideally, they're suited for use in mobile devices where the main and secondary displays could actually be the same device. No word on when these things will actually make their way out to handset / TV manufacturers, but we're certainly digging the possibilities here.