Skooba and Targus bags to get your laptop through security, leave room for nothing else

Responding to travelers' woes about the laptop-out-of-the-bag shuffle at airport security stations, the TSA solicited bag manufacturers for "checkpoint-friendly" designs. Skooba and Targus are responding with their own line of bags to meet those requirements. What requirements, you ask? In order for a bag to be TSA-friendly, it must be small, have no straps or zippers, and leave no room for chargers, pens, or other detritus that could interfere with the X-ray image. Is it just us, or does that mean we'll be carrying another bag with us anyway? Nonetheless, the Skooba Skreener pictured here -- which doesn't seem to meet those requirements -- is available now for $119.95.

Update: Good looking out, readers -- the pictured bag isn't the forthcoming TSA-friendly bag from Skooba!

[Via Gearlog]