XPERIA X1 specs get further detailed in new white paper

Sony Ericsson's white papers have already provided plenty of details on its much-anticipated XPERIA X1 handset, and it looks like its latest one is no exception, with it shedding yet more light on the device's specs. Most notably, Sony Ericsson has now confirmed that the device will ship with 256MB of SDRAM, in addition to 512MB of NAND Flash, and it's gotten specific about the device's battery life, which it says will clock in at 10 hours talk time using GSM or 6.5 hours using UMTS. That'll take a further dip to 3.1 hours if you're making video calls all the time, with 3.5 hours required to recharge the 1500 mAh lithium polymer battery once its drained. Hit up the link below if you're looking for some more reading material to bide your time until the device's supposed September release.

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