Montevina and Puma-based ASUS notebooks leak out

With Intel's Montevina platform (hopefully) on the way and AMD's claim that "over 100" laptops will launch with Puma, it's kind of surprising that we haven't seen even more pre-release info on machines due to ship with the new chips, but apparently ASUS is getting ready to hit us with some new gear at Computex. Based on the existing M51 and M70 lines, the M51VR will feature a 2.26GHz Penryn P8400 with 3MB of L2 cache on Montevina's 1.06GHz bus, while the M51VA and M70VM (pictured) will get 2.53GHz T9400s with 6MB of cache. ASUS should also be showing off the Puma-based F5Z and X50Z laptops with 1.9GHz AMD Athlon64 X2 QL-60 chips, 667MHz buses, ATI Mobility Radeon HD3200 graphics and 15.4-inch screens at Computex, so it'll be interesting to see how these bad boys do side-by-side.

[Thanks, Sergio]

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