Surprise! Biggest drawing now biggest GPS hoax in the world

We had a pretty good idea that not only was this whole "Biggest Drawing in the World" business fake, but also impossible. First, we were skeptical that DHL could make deliveries based on coordinate instructions. Then, we determined -- with little effort -- that the little campaign was a DHL ad. Now we have a straight-up admission from artist Erik Nordenenkar and DHL that entire thing was fictional. Appearing at the bottom of Erik's site -- after the fact and millions of hits -- are the following words: "This is fictional work. DHL did not transport the GPS at any time." Meanwhile, DHL offered that this was an innocent college project and they were happy to let Nordenenkar film in their warehouse, use their name, and make false claims regarding the whole shenanigan. So, there you have it. The videos, briefcase, DHL receipts -- all spam. Move along.

[Via Wired]