ASUS offers UK Eee PC 900 owners 10 battery upgrade

Unlike the sticky situation in Hong Kong (which was in fact resolved), ASUS was under no obligation to provide 5800mAh batteries to buyers in the UK. Officially, the outfit noted that it "offers different solutions in different markets," and although UKers have received 4400mAh batteries in their machines, they also get a lengthened two-year warranty. Nevertheless, the company is making the right moves once again by offering these very customers a couple of options; first, users can download a firmware update that will reportedly add around 30 minutes of life to their current cell. If that's not enough, owners can send in the 4400mAh pack along with £10 + VAT in exchange for a longer-lasting 5800mAh edition. Looks like a pretty fair deal from this side of the pond.

[Thanks, JC]