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Philips' 42-inch 1080p 42PFL5603D LCD TV reviewed

You know what they say: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Such is the unfortunate case with Philips' 42PFL5603D, which possesses quite a stunning enclosure and an eco-friendly design, but falls short in the areas that matter most. According to a recent CNET review, this 42-incher "consumed less energy than any flat-panel TV" it had ever tested, and keeping with the positives, they found the colors to be accurate and a solid port assortment with 4 HDMI sockets. As you'll see, the cons list is quite a bit longer, as the black levels were noticeably light, darker areas tended toward blue, de-judder processing introduced "artifacts" and the off-angle viewing wasn't exactly up to snuff. In the end, it managed to garner a rather low 6.2 out of 10, and unless you're willing to put Mother Earth above image quality (no pressure or anything), we'd probably suggest looking elsewhere.