Cyclone Waste Heat Engine promises power on the cheap

Another day, another means of converting waste heat into something decidedly non-wasteful. This one comes to us from the folks at Cyclone, whose self-starting Waste Heat Engine can apparently be powered by virtually any source of waste heat, including exhaust emissions from an internal combustion engine, the "direct burning of biomass," or even the waste heat from another Waste Heat Engine. The company is also touting the engine's ability to provide a boost to solar-power generators, with it apparently able to capture heat using inexpensive panels attached to a roof, which Cyclone says could be installed at just 20% of the cost of other systems relying on pricey photovoltaic panels. Of course, there's no word as to what the Waste Heat Engine itself will cost, or when it'll be available, but you can check it out in action in the (auto-playing) video after the break.