Goldstriker's work makes the LG Secret decidedly less secretive

As members of LG's fashion line, neither the KF600 nor KF750 Secret were ever designed to be completely anonymous, per se, and they definitely won't be if you procure yours through the folks at Goldstriker. The masters of conspicuous embellishment have added gold-plated versions of the new LG sliders to its line -- 24 karat gold, natch -- which should go nicely with the gilded Mercedes Benz medallions that Goldstriker also sells. It seems that your choice of the KF600 or Secret will run £329.95 or £529.95 respectively (about $648 or $1,035), which at least in the case of the KF600 isn't much of a premium over what you'd pay for a standard unlocked version. Just don't let that micron of gold rub off, and you should be golden. Yes, pun intended.

[Via Pocket-lint]