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More details on Dell's summer-bound netbook

Although everyone and their first cousin twice-removed has dished out their own netbook at Computex, Dell's wee darling (it's still unnamed, officially) still has the attention of most. At a recent media briefing at Dell's HQ, APC Mag was able to get a little time with the unit and grill execs with a flurry of questions -- many of which weren't answered. Still, a few key tidbits did seep out, like the "due out by the end of this summer" thing and the omission of Fn keys on the keyboard. Wait, wha? You heard right -- Dell has decided to make the alpha keys roomier by nixing the line of Fn keys entirely, and while this definitely won't matter to some, it'll really get under the skin of others. On a more positive note, it was suggested that the little fellow would boast a VGA output and three USB ports, but outside of that, Round Rock is remaining mum.

[Via Liliputing]