Apple shuffles execs, Scott Forstall now head of iPhone Software

Looks like El Steve's getting the house in order before all the guests roll in for WWDC -- AppleInsider says there's been some exec reshuffling at the top. Most prominently, Scott Forstall has been bumped up to Senior Vice President of iPhone Software, which means he now reports directly to Jobs. Given Apple's big push into the mobile devices space, that's a big responsibility, but Forstall's got the chops -- he's been working on the core of OS X since the NeXT days, and he was responsible for the release of OS X Leopard. Also getting a fatter paycheck is Bob Mansfield, who's the new SVP of Mac Hardware Engineering and will report to COO Tim Cook. MHE hasn't had a leader since 2004, when a committee of Mansfield, Jonathan Ive, and Dan Riccio was put in place to lead development. Of course, all these guys are merely puppets in the grand schemes of Dear Leader anyhow, but hey, someone's got to do the paperwork, right?

[Thanks, Mark]