Microdia beats Samsung to market with world's first 64GB CF card

At long last and a full year and a half after Samsung first touted a 64GB Compact Flash card, Microdia steps onto the scene with the world's first product. Almost. By the end of June, Microdia will begin shipping its 64GB XTRA ELITE CF card to the photog masses. The UDMA card brings a sustained read / write speed of 300x or 45MBps making it perfectly suited to high-burst rate DSLRs. Now if only we had a price to calculate the cost of our new 192GB SSD. Full press release after the break.

[Via PC Authority]

PMA, Brisbane, Australia, June 6, 2008, - MICRODIA Ltd. (MICRODIA), a world leader in flash memory technologies, has announced that mass production of the world's first 64GB CF card will commence in June and has been accepting orders from around the world. The first shipment is expected by the end of June.

At 64GB, with a sustained read/write speed and data transfer rate of 300X or 45MB/sec, the XTRA ELITE CF card is making it the highest capacity and fastest data transfer compact flash technology available.

MICRODIA's XTRA ELITE CF cards are designed to provide the world's best solution for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts and with capacities from 4GB through to the industry leading 64GB, which can store over 19,000 high resolution images* .

As the elite flash memory cards available in the world, the MICRODIA XTRA ELITE UDMA CF cards offer the ultimate in performance, said Louis Leung, Founder and CEO of MICRODIA.

The MICRODIA XTRA ELITE 64GB CF card provides an excellent storage solution for high-profile professional photographers through its reliability, durability and speed.

Capturing, viewing, uploading and transferring large image files is now faster, simpler and more convenient for users.

Being first to market with the 64GB CF is yet another example of MICRODIA's strength in flash memory technology.

MICRODIA continues to place heavy emphasis on R&D to develop the industry's highest capacities and fastest speeds, exemplifying our core philosophy of helping users get the best optimised data flash storage performance for all their digital devices, Mr Leung said.

Mr Leung said MICRODIA chose Australia in which to launch the 64GB CF card as an overall demonstration of its commitment to its emerging markets.

We have only been in Australia for a matter of weeks, and decided the best way to demonstrate our capabilities and intent to offer the world's best flash memory products here was to launch this product at Australia's leading professional photography trade show, PMA.

As a new brand to Australia, but as the world's second largest flash memory company in terms of production capacity with a 17 year history, globally launching the 64GB CF card in Australia at PMA will give us tremendous early momentum in this market.

"It will help position the MICRODIA brand in the minds of Australian consumers and retailers and provide them with a broader choice of flash memory cards," he said.MICRODIA launched its full product range in Australia at last week's CeBIT trade show in Sydney, and National Sales Manager Lee Jefferies said the initial response from the trade, the public and professional photographers had been strong.

The most common response from people we spoke to was "is a 64GB CF card even possible?'" we took great pleasure in telling them that not only was it possible it was actually available, but only from MICRODIA, Mr Jefferies said.

MICRODIA's ultra high speed XTRA ELITE cards are built with the company's proprietary EPM (Enhanced Processing Management) Technology for improved efficiency and performance, thereby delivering some of the fastest sustained read/write speeds in the industry.

XTRA ELITE cards are also based on Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash technology, which stores one bit per cell and uses an optimized controller combined with large block NAND technology to achieve high data transfer rates. Compared to Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash technology, which allows each memory cell to store two bits of information, SLC NAND Flash technology provides excellent performance well suited for professional use especially those with demanding speed requirements.

With a solid commitment to R&D and continued technical advancements, MICRODIA will continue to play a major role in the flash memory industry.


MICRODIA is a global leader in flash memory technologies and the world's 2nd largest manufacturer of flash memory cards. With its heavy emphasis on R&D, MICRODIA leads the way in bringing the latest and most advanced flash memory technology to market ahead of the competition. Since its inception in 1991 as a magnetic data storage media manufacturer, MICRODIA has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and technical excellence. Today, the company provides a full range of Flash Memory Data Storage Solutions, Portable Multimedia Devices and Wireless Connectivity Solutions. MICRODIA's global coverage extends to many corners of the world and continues to penetrate existing markets and expand into new territories. For additional product information, please visit MICRODIA's website at