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Oregon Scientific's ATC5K and ATC3K action cameras are ready for, you know, action

The new ATC5K and ATC3K, Oregon Scientific's action-packed followup to its ATC2K camera from 2006, bring a few common-sensical upgrades to the waterproof, shock resistant original. They still shoot VGA, but the 3K has new 48 degree field of view and a new CMOS sensor, while the 5K bumps it 53 degrees and a 1.5-inch LCD. The cameras run on AA batteries and can handle up to 4GB SD cards, but where these cheap-cams really "shine" is the multiple included mounting attachments for recording your various extreme sporting exploits. Or when you really just need to set yourself on fire and put it on YouTube -- that works too. The ATC3K will be out in July for $150, with the ATC5K following in August for $200.