Reuters: 3G iPhone announcement for Italy Monday, or Tuesday

Reuters Italia is reporting that the 3G iPhone will be announced by the Italian carrier TIM (and presumably the rest of Europe) on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Better yet, Reuters' source within TIM says that the 3G iPhone will be available immediately, Tuesday at the latest. Availability is still rumored for sometime in June for Italy and it's been awhile since Apple did an announce-and-launch on the same day. Quietly distributing 3 million or so iPhones around the world even with Apple's stealth is no easy task and we still haven't seen it, or anything from Apple hit the FCC. Still, at this point the biggest surprise of WWDC would be for Jobs not to announce a 3G iPhone.

Update: After some initial confusion over the translation, Reuters says that it will be announced on Monday or Tuesday.

[Via ToTouch, thanks Giovanni]