Creative's Vado Pocket Video Cam gets reviewed

With the Flip Mino just hitting the scenes (and skyrocketing up Amazon's sales charts), there's no doubt that Creative's fighting an uphill battle with the Vado Pocket Video Cam. Designed to compete in the YouTube-friendly pocket camcorder sector, this critter was actually said to be built a bit studier than the Flip and pack a more luscious display to boot. Reviewers also found the audio quality to be (expectedly) subpar, and while video quality was decent for a sub-$100 device, the compression monster managed to make ho hum results downright ugly when clips were uploaded to the 'Tube. Still, for the market this one's aimed at (read: a market without videophiles), it's not a half bad addition to the cargo pocket arsenal -- just don't go expecting the world and you'll be fine.