Loads of fake Apple shots hit the web: 3G iPhone pre-WWDC edition

It's a few days before a big Apple event, and you know what that means: a ridiculous amount of really bad fake Apple product shots. Actually, you have to hand it to this first guy, pictured above. It's mildly convincing and sites are starting to pick it up -- the story goes some dude grabbed these pics from a Photoshop template his friend was working on and then posted it to Flickr, a scenario reminiscent of those iPod nano phatty shots that turned out to be real. Except there are a few issues with this one:

  • Our source who played with the 3G iPhone told us explicitly there is no front-facing videoconferencing camera.

  • Even still, when we were ferreting around the new 3G iPhone firmware today, we were keeping an eye out for altered or additional camera drivers, something to indicate a front-facing camera. Nothing.

  • The text explanation for Exchange and iChat are so bad as to make the whole thing unbelievable. (Apple's doing video chat for Windows? Huh?) But that's not all!

  • Say, wouldn't that exchange logo be in the Apple banner that's up at the Moscone right now? All the other iPhone icons are.

  • No Apple design would be laid out the way this guy's got his page laid out here.

  • Did we mention that the red design on the right is missing the power button? (Thanks everybody!)

  • Bottom line: looks pretty, but so very fake.

Click on to see the other one going around right now, a supposed opened box from a confidential 3G iPhone shipment. Uh huh.

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]

Lay your gaze upon this sorry bastard, which we were sent a bunch of times before it started stirring the cauldron of speculation on the MacRumors forums.

  • Weird, unfamiliar green icon? Strike one...

  • Ever since the iTunes store launched, iPhone box art has shown the store icon in the fourth row / fourth column position. This box art only has three rows from the top.

  • Really? Apple sent out a single boxed 3G iPhone totally unguarded with only a confidentiality letter to keep it safe? Please.

  • Wait, no, the iPhone didn't even come with the letter -- the stamp has been blacked out. So Apple mailed this letter separate from the supposed super-NDA device? Really.

  • And then this person got this 3G iPhone, dared to open it, and then proceeded to take only one obscured photo?

It's like this second one was whipped up just to insult all our collective intelligence or something.