AMD's netbook really a next-gen Raon Digital Everun

Here's an interesting one. That AMD netbook we spotted hanging around at Computex isn't a bona fide AMD product after all. According to the unit's device manager, it's actually an Everun, although the only Everun we know of looks drastically different that the thing pictured above. In all likelihood, that moniker is simply a placeholder, and AMD spokesman Phil Hughes even confirmed that "it [was] a Raon Digital product." Reportedly, the unit will hit production at the end of July, and while a ship date wasn't mentioned, both a Sempron- and Turion-based version should be available. Early reports even suggest that WiBro / HSDPA could be found on select variations, but we'll give Raon Digital a chance to come clean before we dig deep into even wilder speculation.

[Via Pocketables]

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