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Iomega's DVR Expander does 500GB of eSATA storage for SA DVRs

So, your cable company stuck you with one of those boring, no-frills Scientific Atlanta DVR boxes. We feel your pain, but you don't have to just take it lying down. Iomega's new DVR Expander offers up 500GB of extra storage over eSATA for compatible Scientific Atlanta boxen. That's about 300 hours of SD TV, or 60 hours of HD. Using those incredibly intuitive SA menus it shouldn't be too hard to stumble through configuration and get this thing added on to your setup, and there's even an eSATA cable included to start things off on the right foot, but it's not like there's anything going on here other than a fairly standard-issue eSATA drive. Right now the drive is compatible with the 8300 DVR and the 8300HD DVR, but future models from Scientific Atlanta will be compatible as well. DVR Expander should be available this month for about $200.